Samuel Hall’s first solo album released on

Dark Matter Music.

Sunken Temple

Tape 10 Euros + shipping and handling

we made some gentle noises to colour in the dream-memories and intimacy of caring and loving in isolation… we didn’t want to forget…

Erin Lang – voice, electric Bass, fretless Bass

Samuel Hall – drums, percussion, electronics, prepared Glass

Your Glow, Returning

First single ‘Tart’ out now through Bandcamp

Multi-layered interdisciplinary duo investigating the intersection of Action Poetry, Sound and Improvisation

Lorena Izquierdo – voice, action poetry, objects

Samuel Hall – drums, percussion, electronics, live-processing

Soap Tongues

Live @Loophole 2019

music from beyond the present…



Limited edition vinyl with booklet 25 Euros + postage and handling

Escaping the void of the city to meet between the fingers of trees, Sundogs embrace the sounds of the forest through interactive improvisation

Mateusz Rybicki – clarinet, voice, wind instruments, kalimba

Zbigniew Kozera – double bass, preparations, wind instruments, kalimba

Samuel Hall – drums, percussion, preparations, wind instruments


In The Land Of Green Dust

a delicate, considered and exploratory first meeting

Lucio Capece – sampled sax, slide sax, drum machine, room amplification.

Samuel Hall – drums, percussion, electronics, prepared oven-tray, prepared glass

Live at Petersburg Arts Space

The second Rooms release is focused on trios. Each piece started with a solo. Each solo was sent to another to form a duo. The duo then continued on its journey to form a trio. The artists involved in this project were unaware of who they were playing with and were given free choice over how they would interact with the material provided.

Various Artists

ROOMS – ‘Trips’

Cavernous music to sweep you under…

Wolfgang Seidel: synthesizers, prepared guitar, percussions, drums, vibraphone

Adam Goodwin: double bass

Samuel Hall: drums, percussion, objects, vibraphone

Philippe Lemoine: tenor saxophone


a window looking in on the creative beings of Madrid…

Gregorio Kazaroff: electronics, cassettes, gong, drum machine

Samuel Hall – drums, percussion, prepared glass, prepared oven tray, prepared drums


In a hidden place, where no light is found, two combine into one. As the wraith emerges into the living realm, you must ask yourself; Are you, HEX:proof?

Paloma Carrasco López – Cello

Samuel Hall – Drums / Percussion / Objects